Rules :
Teams may roster 3-6 players. 3 is permitted to play if one player does not show up / has to leave etc
Champion teams may have 1 d3 player and unlimited D4, D5 and beginner players based on appa rankings.
Challenger teams may have 1 d4 player and unlimited d5 and beginner players based on appa rankings.
A player can play both champions and challengers the same day if they qualify.
Field paint only purchased from Flagraiders.
Maximum 2 layers of headgear and clothing. Elbow and knee pads do not count.
Teams are guaranteed 8-10 prelim games. If there are 10 or fewer teams only the top 6 will advance. If there are 11 or more top 8 from each division will play in the finals for the prizes in a double knockout round. If 2 teams are tied for points head to head will take higher seed. If they did not play the team with the most 100 point games will take the higher seed. If that is the same then they will play one point to decide.
Games will be 4 minutes long. With 1 minute roughly between points. Please be ready waiting at the entry to the field.
Format is centre flag push. One flag in the centre. Hang the flag on the opponents start box.
A perfect score is one hundred points. 
10 for each opponent eliminated.
5 for each body left alive. 
10 for first flag pull
30 for flag hang
No sideline coaching. No dead box coaching. Eliminated players are to go to the deadbox and may say one word upon being eliminated
Guns must start below the waist touching the startbox. Game will start on the horn.
A player is considered out of bounds if they touch the side mesh. There is no out of bounds at the ends.
Guns are to have maximum 12.5 bps semi or ramping. No full auto is permitted.
Winning team is to see the head ref to take the scoresheet to the score table.