• 12 minute stop time
  • split deck format
  • 5 point mercy
  • No sideline coaching
  • Guaranteed 3 prelim games per event


Q: What is Split deck format?

A: Two games will go on simultaneously, alternating points. Eg. Team 1 vs 2 will play a point, after that point finishes 60 seconds will go on the clock and Team 3 vs 4 will play their point, and that will be repeated continuously until both games are finished.


Q: What is 5 point mercy?

A: If one team is leading the game by 5 points they will receive the win regardless of how much time is left in the game.


Q: How much paint will we need per match?

A: In a 12 minute race to format you can expect to shoot between 5-9 cases per match


Q: Can I use or wear any gear with the colour yellow on it.

A: Always contact the league when you are questioning yourself this, but in most cases a restricted amount of yellow will be allowed. But to allow our referee's to do the best job possible avoiding the colour yellow will assist us greatly.


Q: Is BYOP (bring your own paint) offered?

A:No, all paint must be purchased on site. Unopened cases will be refunded